• MeshRecon

    This work originates from the dense reconstruction module for the city 3D reconstruction project. I have extended it for more general 3D model acquisitions. Now you can use it to scan your object with a camera!

    Free Personal Windows

  • VPNGhost icon


    VPNGhost Complete Anonymity, Zero Logging - 19 Servers 16 Countrys - P2P Friendly - Payments accepted through Paypal, Bitcoin & Litecoin. You can even try us for FREE! So what are you waiting for? Become a ghost, with VPNGhost today.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Android Tablet ... Windows Phone iPad

  • Dll Injector

    Inject/remove the DLL into/from the remote process to aid in removing spyware and in testing individual library components.

    Free Personal Windows

  • EveryonePiano icon


    Simulate playing a piano on your PC keyboard and enjoy learning chores and the note layout using the available songs

    Free Windows

  • NTFS Access icon

    NTFS Access

    NTFS Access can set folder/file owner, set full access rights to a given folder/file and give permissions recursively.

    Free Windows

  • Microsoft PaintBrush Discontinued

    PC Paintbrush is graphics editing software created by the ZSoft Corporation in 1984 for computers running the MS-DOS operating system.

    Free Windows

  • Max3

    A simple shortcut-enabled application place your window to specified positions. With AutoHotkey script can be customized.

    Open Source Windows

  • ZeroVerse icon


    Authentication for the distributed network zeroNet

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud Self-Hosted Bitmessage ... IRCAnywhere

  • oceanofgames icon


    it is an website for downloading games for free

    Free Windows

  • Safer VPN icon

    Safer VPN

    Internet access, WiFi security and online privacy protection with SaferVPN

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  • MapMap icon


    MapMap is a free and open source video mapping software.

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  • GamDB icon


    Database of games for all platforms. On our site are the best video games rating, screenshots and video for the PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX, mobile and web-games.

    Open Source Windows

  • pyenv

    Simple Python version management

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Python

  • SimPhy

    Interactive 2D Physics simulation software

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux

  • Batch MessageBox

    Display message boxes from Windows batch files and command line programs.

    Open Source Windows

  • Save-as-ebook icon


    Save a web page or selection as an eBook (.epub) with this browser extension.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome Opera Firefox

  • JSX

    JSX is a statically-typed, object-oriented programming language designed to run on browsers.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux JavaScript

  • ESLint icon


    The linting utility for JavaScript language and JSX language

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux JavaScript Node.JS

  • MadVR icon


    MadVR uses your GPU to perform resolution upscaling, chroma upscaling, and all kinds of other video rendering enhancements that can significantly improve video quality. It can be used with a few different video players such as MPC-HC and...

    Free Windows

  • py2neo icon


    Py2neo is a comprehensive tool-kit for working with Neo4j from within Python applications or from the command line.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux neo4j Python

  • APIdoc

    Inline Documentation for RESTful web APIs

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux JavaScript

  • AwardAce icon


    State-of-the-art miles and points tools for any traveler. It shows you exactly how much an award ticket should cost and even how to book it!

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  • libuv icon


    libuv is a software library that provides asynchronous event notification. libuv supports epoll(4), kqueue(2), Windows IOCP, and Solaris event ports. It is primarily designed for use in Node.js but it is also used by other software...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux C++

  • zeit Now

    Make computers as easy and accessible as "mobile" computing.

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