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    Team up against real players or AI bots in an underwater battle fest where you play as a diver or one of a variety of...

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  • Contraption Maker icon

    Contraption Maker

    Contraption Maker is the spiritual successor to the classic machine-building puzzle game, The Incredible Machine.

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    RiME is a first-person game of exploration and puzzle solving in the beautiful, but rugged, world of RiME. FEATURES

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  • Planet Explorers icon

    Planet Explorers

    Planet Explorers is an open world, sandbox RPG set on a distant planet.

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  • Planet Nomads icon

    Planet Nomads

    Planet Nomads is an open-world, sci-fi sandbox game.

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  • Guild of Dungeoneering icon

    Guild of Dungeoneering

    Guild of Dungeoneering is a brilliantly conceived dungeon crawler with the appeal of a tabletop card game.

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  • Gremlins, Inc. icon

    Gremlins, Inc.

    Gremlins, Inc. is a strategy board game set in a steampunk universe full of capitalist gremlins.

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  • King's Bounty (series) icon

    King's Bounty (series)

    King's Bounty is a classic game of turn-based strategy and exploration now available across multiple platforms...

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