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  • Gimmer icon


    Gimmer is an algorithmic trading platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With Gimmer you can customize your own automated bot.

    Commercial Web Self-Hosted

  • Wikifab icon


    Wikifab is a wiki-based site. The platform documents instructions for simple and technical projects. You can create new tutorials for projects or make edits to current projects to enhance them.

    Open Source Web Self-Hosted MediaWiki

  • pretix icon


    Full-featured, modern ticket hosting software available both as an open source package for self hosting and as a commercial service.

    Open Source Web Self-Hosted

  • Knowfox icon


    Knowfox is a personal knowledge management system with the following features * Hierarchies. Inspired by Dave Winer's Worldoutline and Fargo, knowledge bases can have a deep structure * Tags. Where a single hierarchy is not enough...

    Open Source Linux Web Self-Hosted

  • Bastion: Discord BOT icon

    Bastion: Discord BOT

    Bastion: A Discord BOT that can do Administration, Moderation, Searches, can play Music, Games, has User Levels, Virtual Currencies, a good sense of Humor and can even talk with you!.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web ... Self-Hosted Discord Node.JS

  • ShopMagic icon


    A powerful WordPress plugin that provides email marketing automation for your WooCommerce store, helping you to make more sales and to scale up your business.

    Freemium Web Self-Hosted Wordpress

  • Indusface Total Application Security icon

    Indusface Total Application Security

    Total Application Security (TAS) from Indusface is a fully-managed security solution that detects application-layer vulnerabilities with web application scanning (detect), protects instantly with web application firewall (protect), and...

    Commercial Web Self-Hosted

  • MageMarketing Marketplace icon

    MageMarketing Marketplace

    MageMarketing.us is the Discounter Magento Extension Marketplace. It is the Best Place where you will get multiple Magento extensions by a different service provider at discounted rate. Get Best Magento Extension at the Best price....

    Commercial Self-Hosted

  • DatingSoftware vPlus icon

    DatingSoftware vPlus

    DatingSoftware vPlus (also known as DatingSoftware+) is a PHP based online dating solution.

    Commercial Self-Hosted PHP

  • SoftDatePro icon


    SoftDatePro is a PHP based dating social network platform that offers users live chatting, messages, automated matching, private interaction and more.

    Commercial Self-Hosted PHP

  • vldPersonals icon


    vldPersonals is powerful and fully automated PHP based online dating software.

    Commercial Self-Hosted PHP

  • AspNetDating icon


    AspNetDating is a customizable solution built on ASP.NET offering a combination of online dating software and community software.

    Commercial Self-Hosted ASP.NET

  • Mozillians icon


    Mozilla community directory -- A centralized directory of all Mozilla contributors!.

    Open Source Web Self-Hosted

  • Abivin vRoute icon

    Abivin vRoute

    Dynamic route optimization software that plans the optimal routes for trucks and bikes under many constraints in time frames and orders weight or volume. The system is included with a fleet management system to keep track of your routing...

    Commercial Mac Windows Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted

  • Client Portal icon

    Client Portal

    Client Portal is a project management and client dashboard for WordPress. Simply create a project from your WordPress back-end and give your clients access so they can keep updated as the project progresses.

    Commercial Self-Hosted Wordpress

  • Phocas icon


    Data analytics software for businesses in wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and retail.

    Commercial Mac Windows Web Windows Mobile ... Android iPhone Blackberry Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Self-Hosted Blackberry 10

  • postActiv

    postActiv is a free and open source social networking project based on GNU Social. It uses OStatus, which means that users can for example connect to users on Mastodon and GNU Social instances as well.

    Open Source Web Self-Hosted

  • FileShelter

    FileShelter is a self-hosted software that allows you to easily share files over the Internet. Just upload a file and get an URL back! The aim is to provide a very simple web application, with few package dependencies, so that anyone...

    Open Source Linux Web BSD Self-Hosted

  • imapbox icon


    Dump imap inbox to a local folder in a regular backupable format: html, json and attachements.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted ... Python

  • Motadata - Network Flow Analysis icon

    Motadata - Network Flow Analysis

    The network flow analysis is one of the most critical elements to identify potential issues that may affect the network performance.

    Commercial Self-Hosted

  • Motadata - Server Performance Monitoring icon

    Motadata - Server Performance Monitoring

    Motadata is an integrated server monitoring platform that delivers insightful details of all critical server performance parameters like hard disk capacity, CPU utilization, memory utilization and bandwidth utilization from an intuitive...

    Commercial Self-Hosted

  • Retaxis icon


    Retaxis is an online multi-vendor marketplace platform that allows businesses to create B2C, B2B, Services or Hyperlocal marketplaces.

    Commercial Web Self-Hosted

  • Eto.Forms

    Eto is a cross platform GUI framework for desktop and mobile applications in .NET. The framework can be used to build applications that run across multiple platforms using their native toolkit.

    Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Wooqer icon


    Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Landmark Group, HDFC, TATA and 100+ other enterprise across the world use Wooqer to automate their day to day business operations.

    Commercial Web Android iPhone iPad ... Self-Hosted

  • Userfrosting icon


    Modern user management for php Whether it's a private forum for your WoW guild, an employee management system for your small business, or the next big social network, you want to get started on your awesome new idea as quickly as...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted