• Attunity

    Attunity Replicate empowers organizations to accelerate data replication, ingest and streaming across a wide range of heterogeneous databases, data warehouses and Big Data platforms.

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  • StartEngine icon


    StartEngine Capital, LLC is a funding portal registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

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  • Curiosity icon


    Keep your brain sharp through infographics, articles, and other enlightening media.

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  • Helphin icon


    Helphin is a Free step by step instruction guide for people who struggled about web application (especially for beginners). This is free website for beginners.

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    Fat Lama

    Fat Lama is a fully-insured peer-to-peer rental service. Find and rent almost anything.

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  • Loanables icon


    Loanables facilitates rentals, providing an easy way to find, compare and reserve stuff you want to rent.

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  • Zilok icon


    Zilok is an online service that facilitates rentals among individuals and companies. Rent or rent out anything from cars, tools, equipment and more.

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  • Brandmark font generator icon

    Brandmark font generator

    Brandmark font generator uses advanced artificial intelligence to provide endless suggestions for font pairings using Google Fonts.

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    Build your brand fast and with style using Brandmark's web-based logo designer. Using an advanced generative AI, Brandmark creates a unique logo, style guide and website in less than a minute.

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    Font Combinations

    Font Combinations from Canva helps you find great fonts that work well together. Through a simple but elegant interface, you can not only test font pairs with your own text, you can see real world examples.

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    Font Pair

    Font Pair is a simple directory to help designers to find Google Fonts that look great together. Google's directory of fonts is massive and it's often tough to find fonts that pair well.

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    Listen to radio and music on more than 30,000 international radio stations with many different music genres. Listen with Apple TV 4, iOS, Android, Fire TV or web browser. - Over 30.

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  • Wavefront by VMware

    Wavefront is an enterprise-class metrics monitoring and real-time analytics service that lets you visualize, query and alert over data from across your stack (infrastructure, containers, network, custom application metrics, business KPIs...

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    CodeBitt allows you to find and share code snippets online. You can find or post a code snippet in one of over 150 programming languages. You can download snippets, comment on them, or embed them on your website. Supports Github login.

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    A simple link shorter with text editor, you can customize the link. You can edit code and text. It can be shortened with emoji. It has a link administration page.

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  • Brancher icon


    Brancher lets you explore, manage and share your browser history in a totally new visual way. Visualize your web-surfing experience as a tree. Forget all problems you experienced with browser history!.

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    New Zealand's Smart Accounting Software. With desktop and online options available, CashManager makes accounting easy!.

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  • Innoslate icon


    Innoslate is an integrated systems engineering lifeycle solution with straightforward and convenient requirements management tools.

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  • Popsters icon


    Popsters is a Social Media Content Analytics Tool. Analyze any pages you want from 10 social media's and get statistics, most popular posts, make competitive analysis and export reports to PDF, PPTX or XLSX.

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    HarperDB is a database that optimizes the data value chain for any size company without sacrificing features, functionality and stability. HarperDB is designed to handle most workloads on a single product.

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  • winio icon


    Give your team continuous time for focused work Winio is an organized and flexible space for teams that combines documents, tasks, and discussions to empower transparent collaboration in a peaceful way.

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  • Confessout icon


    Confessout helps you in receiving constructive honest feedback while maintaining privacy. You can send messages anonymously to anyone, receive a reply from anyone, and even reply to the messages sent by someone.

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  • Flipgorilla icon


    Give your customers access to your publications whenever they want and on the platform they prefer.

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  • 2048 Ether icon

    2048 Ether

    It’s like a crowdsale. The goal of the 2048ether.com is to try to raise 2048 ETH. It is an up-to-date adaptation of "MillionDollarHomepage" in the blockchain and cryptocurrency era as a compilation of new, cutting-edge trends.

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  • MosaLingua icon


    MosaLingua is an effective method to learn a language or improve your level, even if you can work a few minutes per day.

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