• Traveler Buddy icon

    Traveler Buddy

    Travel Itinerary Management. Created by business and frequent leisure travelers to enjoy hassle-free travels. Made for travelers like them. Get real time flight alerts and more.

    Freemium Web / Cloud Android iPhone

  • PollUnit icon


    Create simple, appealing polls for scheduling or distribution of tasks.

    Commercial Web / Cloud

  • Gooten icon


    Gooten offers simple to use e–commerce technical solutions that allow creative entrepreneurs to easily design and offer a wide range of quality custom–made products directly to their customers without having to maintain stock or manage...

    Free Web / Cloud Shopify WooCommerce

  • Leadbook icon


    Discover new opportunities, build targeted lists in seconds and gain deep insights about their prospects and customers. A global leads database of 64 million executive contacts from 7 million organisations across 145 countries.

    Commercial Web / Cloud

  • Framaforms

    Framaforms est une alternative à Google Forms, qui vous permet de créer rapidement des questionnaires.

    Open Source Web / Cloud Self-Hosted

  • OneCart icon


    OneCart is an universal shoping cart. You can easily add any product from any online market to your cart and keep them in one place, you will always have-up-to date prices and possibility to find similar products in other markets.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud ... Chrome OS Self-Hosted Chrome Opera Firefox

  • Milligram

    A minimalist CSS framework.

    Open Source Web / Cloud

  • Hexo icon


    A fast, simple and powerful blog framework

    Open Source Web / Cloud

  • Apptimi icon


    The SME Toolbox. Your shared Inbox, Helpdesk , Collaboration and contact manager

    Commercial Web / Cloud

  • Sinuous icon


    A game with a single objective: avoid colliding with the red dots. You can activate a boosts by picking up the rare green dots.

    Commercial Web / Cloud iPhone iPad

  • Niko icon


    Niko makes it incredibly easy for employees at all levels to share what is on their mind by letting them submit, vote on, and respond to questions, ideas and suggestions. It creates a different employee engagement experience.

    Freemium Web / Cloud Self-Hosted

  • Vutuv icon


    Vutuv is a free and fast career network. More focused on the the exchange of contact information and the rating of skills. The networking for people.

    Open Source Web / Cloud

  • Collaborizm

    Join a growing community of aspiring people looking to get matched, chat, work together, and build incredible things.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud ... Windows Mobile Android Android Tablet

  • Collabe icon


    Collabe is a robust collaboration platform that powers teams to seamlessly communicate.

    Free Web / Cloud

  • Glew icon


    Glew is an advanced ecommerce dashboard that integrates data from several sources and provides easy-to-read and actionable insights for your ecom store.

    Commercial Web / Cloud

  • Is It Working? icon

    Is It Working?

    SSL Certificate Monitoring, Cron Script Monitoring, Domain Monitoring.

    Freemium Web / Cloud

  • subZero icon


    subZero turns your PostgreSQL database directly into a GraphQL & RESTful API. The structural constraints and permissions in the database determine the API endpoints and operations.

    Commercial Web / Cloud Self-Hosted

  • Retainly icon


    Most advanced marketing automation platform with multi-channel support via email, SMS, InApp and Push Notifications. Built-in Machine Learning and AI to automatically track subscriber events and segment them for real-time and relevant...

    Freemium Web / Cloud

  • PhrasePress icon


    PhrasePress lets you create a professional blog in minutes for free. Unlike other Blogging platforms, Phrasepress is an easy to use, turn-key solution that comes bundled with all the tools needed for a profitable/successful blog

    Freemium Web / Cloud

  • Temp Images

    Temporary Image hosting service allow user to set expiration date for images. Image will be automatically deleted after one view, one hour Or one day.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud ... Chrome OS

  • Zola Suite icon

    Zola Suite

    Zola Suite is a comprehensive, cloud-based legal practice management application that provides all the tools you need to manage the business of your practice so you can focus on the law.

    Commercial Mac Windows Web / Cloud Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Windows RT Android Tablet iPad Microsoft Office Word Kindle Fire

  • Circle.us icon


    Circle.us is a web-based shipping & fulfillment software for eCommerce that enables online sellers to manage, ship multi-channel orders with built-in commercial shipping rates from all the top carriers.

    Freemium Web / Cloud

  • GeoTrack icon


    Email Tracking, geolocation and scheduling right in Gmail

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud

  • NexDatacenter icon


    Premium neutral carrier data center in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tell us more how we can help you by providing the perfect solution from NEX data center

    Commercial Web / Cloud Android

  • Royal Clouds icon

    Royal Clouds

    Royalclouds is one of the best hosting provider so we are using top server to upgrade our clients site speed and maintain to our clients happiness

    Commercial Web / Cloud