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    Ghost is a fully open source, hackable platform for building and running a modern online publication.

    Freemium  | 205 alternatives  |  119 Likes
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    Cozy is an app-based personal cloud that allows anyone to manage their own personal server.

    Open Source  | 39 alternatives  |  73 Likes
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    Algolia helps product teams connect their users with information by providing the building blocks they need to create...

    Commercial  | 17 alternatives  |  48 Likes
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    WebTorrent Desktop can talk to both BitTorrent and WebTorrent peers.

    Open Source  | 19 alternatives  |  44 Likes
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    Bower is a package manager for the web. Bower lets you easily install assets such as images, CSS and JavaScript, and...

    Open Source  | 12 alternatives  |  34 Likes
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    Sharing code is a good thing, and it should be _really_ easy to do it.

    Open Source  | 50 alternatives  |  31 Likes
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    Automate and enhance your workflow A streaming build system

    Open Source  | 9 alternatives  |  30 Likes
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    Collect and analyze errors in JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP and other aplications.

    Freemium  | 39 alternatives  |  23 Likes
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    Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner. Using Node.js.

    Open Source  | 9 alternatives  |  21 Likes