• Ghost DB

    Yet another in-memory key/value storage written in Go.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Komodo icon


    Komodo is a privacy based cryptocurrency focusing on anonymous currency transfers.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Bitcoin

  • Iguana

    Multi-currency Bitcoin wallet that is capable of anonymous currency transfer through the Komodo Network providing greater privacy than Monero and Dash.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Bitcoin

  • Radarr icon


    A fork of Sonarr designed to work with Movies.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • The Soundcloud Helper Bot icon

    The Soundcloud Helper Bot

    The Soundcloud Helper is awesome follower bot that will help you get more real followers on Soundcloud in simple and efficient way. Soundcloud promotion is difficult enough anyways. Here's the Soundcloud Helper.

    Commercial Mac

  • ansible-cmdb

    Ansible-cmdb takes the output of Ansible's fact gathering and converts it into a static HTML overview page containing system configuration information.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Heroes of Steel icon

    Heroes of Steel

    Tactical RPG set in a grim post-apocalyptic fantasy world.

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Steam

  • iNETMeter icon


    iNETMeter is an app you need to monitor your Internet connection.

    Commercial Mac

  • uDesktop NEXT for Mac icon

    uDesktop NEXT for Mac

    uDesktop NEXT is one of the biggest wallpaper collections. Choose from many thousands of hi-res wallpapers.

    Commercial Mac

  • Rose icon


    Rose is a screensaver for OS X that creates a variety of colorful, swirly animated images based on trigonometry.

    Free Mac

  • Fracture for Mac icon

    Fracture for Mac

    Fracture is a screensaver that draws fractal images.

    Commercial Mac

  • RePix icon


    RePix helps you in batch resizing any image into a preset resolution and save it easily and quickly.

    Commercial Mac

  • FX Photo Studio CK icon

    FX Photo Studio CK

    FX Photo Studio CK (was FX Photo Studio Pro) has a broad palette of effects and features which brings boundless creativity to your photography projects.

    Commercial Mac

  • ImagePlay icon


    Rapid prototyping tool for building and testing image processing algorithms.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • maScriptRunner icon


    maScriptRunner is for every one who has multiple AppleScripts to run continuously.

    Commercial Mac

  • Reveal for Mac icon

    Reveal for Mac

    Reveal is a powerful, smart iOS developer tool that allows you to interact with your apps in fine, visually-stunning detail.

    Commercial Mac

  • Vector Icon Box icon

    Vector Icon Box

    Access thousands of free, scalable and high quality vector icons.

    Freemium Mac

  • Cisdem WindowManager icon

    Cisdem WindowManager

    Cisdem WindowManager can split your screen into various sizes and positions.

    Commercial Mac

  • Victor Vran icon

    Victor Vran

    The isometric action-RPG with intense combat.

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Steam ... Playstation Xbox

  • VR Desktop for Mac icon

    VR Desktop for Mac

    User your macOS desktop in a smooth, multi-screen, virtual reality experience.

    Commercial Mac Oculus Rift

  • Local CDN icon

    Local CDN

    Chrome extension to emulate a CDN using local system.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome

  • Nuclear Throne icon

    Nuclear Throne

    Post-apocalyptic roguelike-like top-down shooter about mutants.

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Steam

  • Quail icon


    Quail is the easiest to use point-of-sale and store management program for vendor malls, multi-vendor antique shops, and consignment stores.

    Commercial Mac Windows Web / Cloud

  • HomDNA icon


    Homeowner digital app to manage your home (or homes) from anywhere. Always free with full functionality. We even prepopulate and download your manuals. No home inventory or management app is as robust, mobile friendly and always free for...

    Free Mac Windows Web / Cloud Android ... iPhone iPad