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  • iMapping

    iMapping is a visual tool that helps knowledge workers manage large amounts of information in a clear and structured...

    Freemium  10 alternatives  |  0 Likes
  • Skygear Chat icon

    Skygear Chat

    Skygear Chat is an open-source chat backend that provides Chat SDKs (iOS, Android and JS) and messaging APIs for...

    Freemium  5 alternatives  |  1 Likes
  • OptaPlanner icon


    OptaPlanner is a constraint satisfaction solver. It optimizes business resource planning.

    Open Source  No alternatives  |  2 Likes
  • icon

    High quality and cheap SMS gateway with coverage of 900+ operators worldwide. ? Worldwide coverage ? Free testing ?

    Freemium  36 alternatives  |  1 Likes
  • ColorMixer icon


    ColorMixer is a powerful application for mixing colors.

    Free  47 alternatives  |  1 Likes
  • Portecle icon


    Portecle is a user friendly GUI application for creating, managing and examining keystores, keys, certificates...

    Open Source  1 alternatives  |  0 Likes
  • Nashorn

    Nashorn is a JavaScript engine for Java Virtual Machine.

    Open Source  5 alternatives  |  1 Likes
  • LunaticSMTP icon


    LunaticSMTP is a dummy SMTP server with desktop GUI for testing email sending applications.

    Open Source  10 alternatives  |  1 Likes
  • Moesif icon


    Log and analyze HTTP requests. Makes debugging REST APIs and integrated apps easier.

    Commercial  8 alternatives  |  1 Likes