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    Sunday helps you organise all your photos in one place: 1- Gather your photos from Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, Camera Roll and iCloud 2- Sort photos to create new albums 3- Share albums privately with your friends and family.

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    Field Nimble

    No matter what your industry, we've got you covered from customer management, to appointment setting, dispatch, invoicing, capturing payment, and recording opportunities for future work. It's simple, easy, and FREE.

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    Enso is a mobile app that fixes the music discovery process by turning it into a treasure hunt game. Enso is free, fun, and effective. Enso is how people should discover new music.

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    Your closest friends and family at your fingertips. Automatic, phone-centric status.

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    Currently no messaging platform allows you to change the rights to your messages after you hit send.

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    Crypho is a Software-as-a-Service solution for end-to-end-encrypted enterprise file-sharing and communication. Typical customers include financial industry, consulting, legal departments and government.

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    passQi provides both an intelligent password management mobile app and a complementary server-side solution called mFactor to implement a proprietary Multi Factor Authentication login for WordPress and other web sites.

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    SkillStore’s social-learning app helps professionals develop great business skills so their companies can drive great results.

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    Unlike assistants like Echo and Siri, Scarlet doesn't force you to figure out what to ask when. Instead, Scarlet proactively tees up relevant information, when you need it. Scarlet tells you what's important in your day.

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    • Discontinued Official site and apps unavailable.
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    Picky developed a free video sharing app that solved the fake text review problem and other issues in the text review industry.

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    First Smile – Baby Journal App

    First Smile is a baby scrapbook app for recording the growth of the parent’s child, starting from pregnancy, childbirth / new-born to every first baby milestones.

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    Create a shared "emoj"i keyboard with friends using photos, videos and memes.

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    Russia Today

    RT news — find out what the mainstream media is keeping silent about. RT is a 24/7 English-language news channel. We are set to show you how any story can be another story altogether.

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    Petbulb is a uniquely designed app for pet owners. Petbulb helps pet owners with similar pets, breed or interests to connect, interact, learn and share information and fun with their pet family.

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    Group photo and video sharing. Create stories with friends, join stories from around the world.

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  • woosah icon


    Sometimes you just want to share 10 seconds of a YouTube video. Unfortunately, customizing a clip from YouTube is difficult. It’s not clear on YouTube’s mobile app or website how to do it, or if it can even be done.

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    Description From lecture to exam: Freedactics is the study environment you have been waiting for! Sick of heavy bags, tons of paper, different tools and all the old-school stuff? We are, too! Freedactics gives you the Freedom to study...

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    Board App

    Board is a free job search app that helps anyone find their best fitted job, and is the perfect tool for companies to find the right talent.

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    Brunch App

    We've all been there. You find yourself downtown after work and want to know if any friends are up for getting together for dinner.

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    among offers mobile communities for professionals, enabling users from different industries to talk and share with their peers.

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    For consumers, Cinco is a new way to find the best places to Eat, Drink & Play through Dynamic Social Recommendations powered by people you know and trust.

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    Dripler offers a new and innovative way to stay up to date with your Twitter timeline. Never miss a tweet and stay focused on what deserves your attention.

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    Experience prose fiction on mobile from top authors via short episodes with in-depth companion material and integrated community features.

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    Localise.io helps you manage localisation of iOS and Android applications without resubmitting it to the App Store or Google Play. It also helps you to add new languages and correct translations remotely.

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    Business cards are great. Not only do they carry important data, they also project a look and feel through their design, paper type, color, thickness, texture, etc. However, they don't quite fit in our digital world.

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