• Todoist icon


    To do list and task manager.

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  • Google Tasks icon

    Google Tasks

    Tasks adds a to-do list to Gmail. After adding the lab, click the Tasks link above the chat box on the left-hand-side of the page. Your task list will appear on the right – click anywhere in the list and start typing to add a task.

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  • SalesHandy icon


    Email tracking | Email Scheduling | Reply Tracking | Mail Merge | Document / Attachment tracking | Gmail Chrome Extension | Outlook Addon

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  • FullContact icon


    FullContact is the most powerful fully-connected contact management platform for professionals and enterprises who need to master their contacts and be awesome with people.

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  • Boomerang icon


    Schedule an email to be sent later. Easy email reminders. Boomerang for Gmail is a Firefox / Chrome / Safari plugin that lets you take control of when you send and receive email messages. Very limited free capability.

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  • Remailder icon


    Remailder is an easy solution to organize everything through your email!

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    • Discontinued The official website is no longer available.
  • LinkedIn Rapportive icon

    LinkedIn Rapportive

    Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. A simple CRM built into Gmail.

    Free Web / Cloud Chrome Gmail Firefox

    • Discontinued The extensions are outdated (2013/2014) and they no longer work.
  • ActiveInbox for Gmail icon

    ActiveInbox for Gmail

    Discover a stress free Gmail where nothing falls through the cracks.

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  • Xobni icon


    Xobni is an Outlook plugin that helps you search and organize your inboxes. Download Xobni's Outlook plugin instantly. With Xobni you find E-mails and contacts as quick as with Google Mail. 3 languages: english, german and french. ...

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    • Discontinued After having been acquired by Yahoo on 2013, the service Xobni.com has been shut down on July 2, 2014, as written at https://support.xobni.com/entries/21914995-Yahoo-Acquisition-of-Xobni-FAQ
  • Streak CRM icon

    Streak CRM

    Amazing CRM on top of Gmail

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  • Screenleap icon


    Screen share instantly for free using Screenleap. Screenleap makes it really easy to share your computer screen. You can share your screen with as many people as you like with no downloads, account setup, or cost required. Friends, family...

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  • Gist.com icon


    Connecting the inbox to the web to provide business-critical information about the people and companies that matter most. Add contacts automatically: Your contacts are everywhere. They are in email, social networks, on your mobile...

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    • Discontinued Gist.com was officially closed on September 15, 2012.
  • Secure Gmail icon

    Secure Gmail

    An extension to send secure, encrypted messages through Gmail. SecureGmail encrypts and decrypts emails you send in Gmail. This happens all on your machine, and the unencrypted text never reaches Google servers. This is useful if you...

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  • Mailtrack for Gmail: email tracking icon

    Mailtrack for Gmail: email tracking

    Email tracking free and unlimited. Add the double check marks to your Gmail.

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  • Paperworks icon


    Keep your finances organized by automatically scanning your Gmail for financials.

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  • Virtru icon


    Virtru provides digital privacy technology to let you easily share information securely through all major email programs and applications. Virtru puts you in charge of how your digital information is shared. Combining control, convenience...

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  • ZeroMail icon


    ZeroMail cleans up your inbox by allowing you to block/unsubscribe from any unwanted mailings or put them in a daily digest

    Free Web / Cloud Gmail

    • Discontinued Functionality seems broken, and there's no activity from social media accounts.
  • Vocus icon


    Vocus is a productivity tool for Gmail available as a Chrome extension.

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  • Gmail Offline icon

    Gmail Offline

    Alternative interface for Gmail with offline support

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  • Yesware icon


    Yesware is a Gmail plugin that provides email tracking, schedule emails to be sent later and reminders integrated in the Gmail interface.

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  • FoxType icon


    Write in a more polite, friendly tone.

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  • Gmail Unread Counter (Widget) icon

    Gmail Unread Counter (Widget)

    Gmail Unread Counter is a widget that allows you to view the number of unread emails. With one click, it directly opens the Gmail app with the customized label/tab/folder. Feature list: - Supports multiple Gmail accounts -...

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  • Sortd icon


    Transform your email into organized lists ("Trello for Gmail").

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  • Sidekick

    email tracking plugin for Gmail

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