• Kjuicer icon


    Kjuicer lets you highlight text on the web and automatically creates a three level summary (in - depth, medium and short).

    Freemium Web Chrome Firefox

  • Psono Password Manager icon

    Psono Password Manager

    Secure password manager that is open source with auto form fill, random password generator and many more features.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web ... Chrome OS Self-Hosted Chrome Firefox

  • RiteForge

    Along with Auto-hashtagging, Auto-Emojify, and many automated features, you can generate self-branded text quote images. Like Buffer's Pablo, but you can automate their generation for large groups of posts instantly.

    Commercial Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Firefox

  • ActivityWatch icon


    Log what you do on your computer. Simple (yet powerful), extensible, no third parties.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome ... Python Chromium Firefox

  • Auto-Sort Bookmarks icon

    Auto-Sort Bookmarks

    This extension considers separators, so that it sorts bookmarks between separators. This extension adds an icon to sort all bookmarks to the toolbar.

    Free Windows Firefox

  • AIO Search icon

    AIO Search

    AIO Search is a meta search engine that uses other search engines, torrent websites, file hosting services and streaming websites to find what you want.

    Free Web Chrome Firefox

  • Wigzo icon


    It is an Omnichannel Personalization tool that helps to send personalized/triggered browser notifications aiming visitor engagement and retention for eCommerce websites and online publishers.

    Commercial Mac Windows Web Android ... iPhone Self-Hosted Chrome Safari Opera Firefox

  • OfficeWork Office Online icon

    OfficeWork Office Online

    OfficeWork is an office online suite that provides a Document, Presentation and Spreadsheet Editor to edit documents, excel spreadsheets and powerpoint slides using the formats DOCX, DOC, XLSX, XLS, PPTX, CSV, ODT, or HTML files.

    Open Source Web Chrome Firefox

  • Icecream Password Manager icon

    Icecream Password Manager

    Icecream Password Manager manages passwords, logins, secure notes, various profiles and more.

    Free Windows Chrome Firefox

  • Bulk Media Downloader icon

    Bulk Media Downloader

    Grab and download media (image, audio, and video) resources by monitoring network. Firefox add-on.

    Open Source Self-Hosted Firefox

  • Tab Tally icon

    Tab Tally

    Displays how many tabs are open. The count includes tabs from all windows. Also indicates how many tabs actually have content loaded in them – for example, after restarting Firefox.

    Open Source Self-Hosted Firefox

  • Scary Productive icon

    Scary Productive

    Scary Productive is a behaviour training extension — it scares the hell out of you to train away visiting procrastinating websites when you shouldn't.

    Freemium Web Chrome Opera Firefox

  • Glowing Bear icon

    Glowing Bear

    Glowing Bear is a sleek, modern web frontend that securely connects to a running instance of WeeChat using its built-in relay protocol.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web ... Android Android Tablet Self-Hosted Chrome WeeChat Firefox OS Google Play Store Firefox

  • Adaware Ad Block icon

    Adaware Ad Block

    By blocking annoying ads and nosy trackers, adaware ad block nearly doubles your browsing speed! The most robust antivirus level cloud scanning technology of any ad blocker on the market, you’ll be safe from the latest cyber threat.

    Free Web Chrome OS Chrome Chromium ... Firefox

  • Web Clipper: Easy Screenshot icon

    Web Clipper: Easy Screenshot

    Easy Screenshot is an easy-to-use screen capturing tool from right-click context menu.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS ... Chrome Opera Chromium Firefox

  • TextFilter icon


    No distractions. Just text. View (and edit) web page content without ads and other extraneous elements. Print a multi-column, newspaper-style document. Send text as an E-Mail or attach an ePub, mobi or PDF file.

    Free Web Microsoft Edge Chrome Firefox

  • I don't care about cookies icon

    I don't care about cookies

    The EU regulations require that every website must get user's permission before installing cookies. Imagine how irritating that becomes when you surf anonymously or if you delete cookies automatically every time you close the browser.

    Free Windows Chrome Pale Moon Adblock Plus ... Opera Firefox

  • RESTClient by Chao ZHOU icon

    RESTClient by Chao ZHOU

    Features • It is owned and supported by a friendly community. Not a corporation. • More secure because its code is publicly available for review and contributions on GitHub at https://github .

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Firefox

  • Faster Video icon

    Faster Video

    Faster Video for Firefox for Desktop that allows one to manipulate the playback rate of HTML5 videos. While right-clicking on a video allows one to change the playback rate to either 1.5X or 2.0X, this addon gives more control.

    Free Windows Firefox

  • FaceFont icon


    Facefont improves your daily use of Facebook.

    Free Windows Firefox

  • Chrome Store Foxified icon

    Chrome Store Foxified

    Enables the Google Chrome Store for Firefox. Point and click to install Chrome extensions straight into Firefox.

    Free Windows Firefox

  • Gmail™ Notifier + icon

    Gmail™ Notifier +

    Gmail™ Notifier Plus alerts you of new email messages. Users can also read or reply to emails, delete or mark them as read, all without having to open a new window.

    Free Windows Opera Firefox

  • selectivecookiedelete icon


    Delete cookies from specified domains (black-list) or delete cookies not in the specified domains (white-list). This can be done on-demand or automatically at shutdown.

    Free Windows Firefox

  • Stay-Open Menu icon

    Stay-Open Menu

    Facilitates opening multiple tabs from the Bookmarks Menu and various other bookmark/history related dropdown menus. Less need to keep reopening menu, without needing to use the bookmarks sidebar.

    Free Windows Firefox

  • Tab Memory Usage icon

    Tab Memory Usage

    Tab Memory is a fast and lean Firefox extension to monitor tab memory usage. It displays memory usage of individual tabs next to the tab's title. Memory usage is calculated upon tab updates to prevent Firefox slowness.

    Free Windows Firefox