• GaragePro

    Garage Pro connects you to your car through an CaRPM scanner that is plugged into a port located below your car's steering panel.

    Commercial Android

  • CodeBitt icon


    CodeBitt allows you to find and share code snippets online. You can find or post a code snippet in one of over 150 programming languages. You can download snippets, comment on them, or embed them on your website. Supports Github login.

    Free Web

  • Bootstrap CMS icon

    Bootstrap CMS

    Modern, open source, fast and secure content management system based on Bootstrap 3 using the latest technology.

    Open Source Self-Hosted

  • cutout.ml icon


    A simple link shorter with text editor, you can customize the link. You can edit code and text. It can be shortened with emoji. It has a link administration page.

    Free Web Android Android Tablet

  • Brancher icon


    Brancher lets you explore, manage and share your browser history in a totally new visual way. Visualize your web-surfing experience as a tree. Forget all problems you experienced with browser history!.

    Free Web Chrome

  • Quitter icon


    Quitter is a Mac app that automatically hides or quits apps after periods of inactivity. It’s great for minimizing distraction from social apps like Twitter and Slack, news readers, or even your email app.

    Free Mac

  • CashManager icon


    New Zealand's Smart Accounting Software. With desktop and online options available, CashManager makes accounting easy!.

    Commercial Windows Web

  • PST to MSG Converter icon

    PST to MSG Converter

    Download PST to MSG Converter to export entire Outlook emails and other data items to MSG format. It easily extracts Outlook emails to MSG format by converting PST to MSG format.

    Commercial Windows

  • MIMEDefang

    MIMEDefang is a GPL licensed framework for filtering e-mail. It uses sendmail's "Milter" API, some C glue code, and some Perl code to let the user write high-performance mail filters in Perl.

    Open Source Linux BSD Solaris

  • ZOOK OST to PDF Converter icon

    ZOOK OST to PDF Converter

    Download ZOOK OST to PDF Converter to extract OST emails and save them in PDF format. The tool can easily batch convert OST to PDF format and print multiple Outlook emails in Adobe PDF format. The software has the capability to convert .

    Commercial Windows

  • ZOOK DBX to PDF Converter icon

    ZOOK DBX to PDF Converter

    Batch convert DBX to PDF format and instantly print multiple Outlook Express emails to PDF format.

    Commercial Windows

  • Forum Fiend OSP icon

    Forum Fiend OSP

    Forum Fiend OSP is the open source remnant of the now discontinued Forum Fiend. It is a forum client mobile app for Android that is compatible with Tapatalk.

    Open Source Android Android Tablet

  • JARVEE icon


    Social Media Automation Software that enables marketers and entrepreneurs to share their content across all the social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, all from one single and easy to use...

    Commercial Windows

  • Innoslate icon


    Innoslate is an integrated systems engineering lifeycle solution with straightforward and convenient requirements management tools.

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web ... Android iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Self-Hosted Blackberry 10 PlayBook Kindle Fire


    ogr2gui is a GUI application used to convert and manipulate geospatial data. It is based on ogr2ogr, a command line utility from the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library.

    Open Source Windows

  • Staxel icon


    Put down your roots in Staxel as you settle into your new life. It's your job to fix up, improve and maintain your homestead.

    Commercial Windows

  • Popsters icon


    Popsters is a Social Media Content Analytics Tool. Analyze any pages you want from 10 social media's and get statistics, most popular posts, make competitive analysis and export reports to PDF, PPTX or XLSX.

    Commercial Web Chrome Yandex.Browser

  • HarperDB icon


    HarperDB is a database that optimizes the data value chain for any size company without sacrificing features, functionality and stability. HarperDB is designed to handle most workloads on a single product.

    Freemium Web

  • Hide My Mess icon

    Hide My Mess

    Hide My Mess app will help you to end the chaos of your unorganized files in one simple click! So you will easily take your messy folders and Desktop under control.

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux

  • MSSQL-MySQL Sync

    MSSQL-MySQL Sync is a program to synchronize databases between SQL Server or Azure SQL and MySQL, MariaDB or Percona.

    Commercial Windows

  • Biz Site Genie

    bizsitegenie - MEAN application Framework for Rapid Application Development with UI interface for code generation https://player.vimeo .

    Open Source Linux Self-Hosted

  • winio icon


    Give your team continuous time for focused work Winio is an organized and flexible space for teams that combines documents, tasks, and discussions to empower transparent collaboration in a peaceful way.

    Freemium Web

  • Blur FX icon

    Blur FX

    Blur FX helps you quickly blur photos to use as wallpaper for your phone or PC. Cut out all the distractions by blurring seemingly ordinary photos into stunning backgrounds for your device. Use any photo.

    Freemium Windows Windows RT Windows Phone

  • Confessout icon


    Confessout helps you in receiving constructive honest feedback while maintaining privacy. You can send messages anonymously to anyone, receive a reply from anyone, and even reply to the messages sent by someone.

    Free Web

  • PMAPS icon


    PMAPS WebPro is used by some of the world's leading financial, asset management, healthcare, legal, manufacturing and technology organizations who rely daily on PMAPS to improve the process of securing new business.

    Commercial Windows