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  • Bootstrap CMS icon

    Bootstrap CMS

    Modern, open source, fast and secure content management system based on Bootstrap 3 using the latest technology.

    Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Emoty icon


    Emoty is a messaging application with emphasis on simplicity, freedom and safety. It's a client for RetroShare network, hence use the same decentralized, Friend-to-Friend network structure with end-to-end encryprtion.

    Open Source Windows Linux

  • octopus scheduler icon

    octopus scheduler

    octopus - Open source task scheduler with dependency management Octopus is a general purpose open source task scheduler application. It is a simple and powerful way to manage your enterprise tasks.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Forum Fiend OSP icon

    Forum Fiend OSP

    Forum Fiend OSP is the open source remnant of the now discontinued Forum Fiend. It is a forum client mobile app for Android that is compatible with Tapatalk.

    Open Source Android Android Tablet

  • Apps PC Store icon

    Apps PC Store

    Apps PC Store is a platform where you can download android games and apps for free for your Mobile, PC, Android, Mac.

    Open Source Mac Windows Android

  • MeshCommander

    MeshCommander is an entirely web based tool for remote management of your Intel® AMT computers.

    Open Source Windows

  • Mavo icon


    Mavo helps you turn your static HTML into reactive web applications without a single line of programming code and no server backend.

    Open Source Web Self-Hosted

  • Win10Clean icon


    Win10Clean is an open source program for Windows 10 that let you access to system tweaks and options to remove installed Windows softwares. Win10Clean can: - Disable Windows Defender.

    Open Source Windows

  • SensibleSideButtons icon


    If you use third-party mice with your Mac, you've surely noticed just how useless the side buttons are. By default, they act as a sort of crippled middle click, consigned to opening new links out from under you when you least expect it.

    Open Source Mac

  • FullCalendar icon


    A JavaScript event calendar. Customizable and open source.

    Open Source Web jQuery

  • DomTerm

    Why another terminal emulator The goal of this project is to combine two related but separate tools: a terminal emulator, and a rich-text console, and do it properly.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web

  • Championify icon


    Import recent item sets from popular aggregators like in to League of Legends to use within game!.

    Open Source Mac Windows

  • Codeusa Steam Cleaner

    A PC utility for restoring disk space from various game clients like Origin, Steam, Uplay,, GoG and Nexon.

    Open Source Windows

  • ONE APK icon


    Free download APK (apps & games) for Android, install it offline. All apk file is original from google play

    Open Source Android Chromecast

  • Landing CMS

    A simple CMS for Landing Pages. Awesome, fast and simple engine for you Landing Page! This CMS doesn't use databases (no MySQL, no SQLite). All works on flat-files. Works on PHP 5.2+.

    Open Source Self-Hosted

  • MIMEDefang

    MIMEDefang is a GPL licensed framework for filtering e-mail. It uses sendmail's "Milter" API, some C glue code, and some Perl code to let the user write high-performance mail filters in Perl.

    Open Source Linux BSD Solaris


    ogr2gui is a GUI application used to convert and manipulate geospatial data. It is based on ogr2ogr, a command line utility from the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library.

    Open Source Windows

  • Biz Site Genie

    bizsitegenie - MEAN application Framework for Rapid Application Development with UI interface for code generation https://player.vimeo .

    Open Source Linux Self-Hosted

  • Eclipse Mylyn

    Mylyn is the task and application lifecycle management (ALM) framework for Eclipse.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Eclipse

  • Ultimate++ icon


    U++ is a C++ cross-platform rapid application development framework focused on programmers productivity. It includes a set of libraries (GUI, SQL, etc.), and an integrated development environment.

    Open Source Windows Linux

  • Stikked

    Stikked is an Open-Source PHP Pastebin, with the aim of keeping a simple and easy to use user interface. Stikked allows you to easily share code with anyone you wish. Based on the original Stikked with lots of bugfixes and improvements.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Self-Hosted

  • Pensieve

    Pensieve is a system that generates adaptive bitrate algorithms using reinforcement learning. Pensieve trains a neural network model that selects bitrates for future video chunks based on observations collected by client video players.

    Open Source Linux

  • Stapler

    Stapler is a pure Python alternative to PDFtk, a tool for manipulating PDF documents from the command line. Like pdftk, stapler is a command-line tool.

    Open Source Linux BSD