• Visualtip icon


    A service that allows designers and clients to annotate and collaborate on images in real time.

    Free Web

  • Microsoft Log Parser Studio

    Log Parser Studio is a utility that allows you to search through and create reports from your IIS, Event, EXADB and others types of logs. It builds on top of Log Parser 2.

    Free Windows

  • Muno icon


    Muno combines Soundcloud and Youtube into one native Mac app.

    Free Mac

  • Unison File Synchronizer icon

    Unison File Synchronizer

    Unison is a file-synchronization tool for OSX, Unix, and Windows.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • LanNote

    Drop files, text, or links below and view them on any device on your network. Just visit this site. No peculiar URLs or accounts to memorize. Name (Optional).

    Free Web

  • Setup.shl

    A pure Bash build tool/library, useful to describe composable, expressive build processes.

    Open Source Mac Linux Chrome OS

  • IdealSqlTracer

    IdealSqlTracer is a simple, free, open source alternative to SQL Profiler that formats all of the sql behind a web page or desktop app. It puts the formatted sql in notepad so that you can easily copy it to SSMS.

    Open Source Windows

  • Coffee Buzz icon

    Coffee Buzz

    Coffee Buzz is the easiest and safest display-sleep preventer available, with simple operation and exclusive Safety Auto-Shutoff feature. Keeping your Mac awake (and letting it sleep again) is as simple as a click!.

    Free Mac

  • Pretty Links icon

    Pretty Links

    Not happy with your Facebook sharing preview? Just enter the URL of the page you want to share and choose your own title, description and thumbnail image!

    Free Web

  • Hasher icon


    This extension is used to compute cryptographic hashes and do common conversions. It might be useful for programmers and system administrators.

    Open Source Web Chrome OS Chrome

  • D&D Beyond icon

    D&D Beyond

    D&D Beyond is the official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition.

    Freemium Web Twitch

  • ColRD icon


    ColRD is a design platform for sharing and discovering colors, palettes, gradients and patterns.

    Free Web

  • Colorado icon


    Colorado is a cross-platform desktop tool for designers to browse and discover beautiful color schemes.

    Free Mac Windows Linux

  • NoPhoneSpam icon


    NoPhoneSpam is a simple app that allows you to: + block unwanted calls from certain numbers or private numbers, + enter numbers to be blocked with wildcards (for instance, you can block whole prefixes or companies), + get notified...

    Open Source Android

  • The Great Discarder icon

    The Great Discarder

    Automatically discards unused tabs to free up system resources. Suspend tabs to reduce chrome memory usage. Uses chrome's native tab discarding.

    Open Source Web Chrome OS Vivaldi Browser Chrome

  • Cookie Profile Switcher

    Cookie Profile Switcher allows you to easily manage multiple cookie sessions for all of your websites! No more logging out & logging in, just to switch your user profile.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS

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    DISCLAIMER: None of the files shown here are actually hosted on this server. The links are provided solely by this site's users.

    Free Web

  • Perfect Piano Player 3D icon

    Perfect Piano Player 3D

    Perfect Piano Player designed specifically for true lovers of piano music, makes you relax listening to the music instrument classical piano.

    Free iPhone iPad

  • Visual Logic icon

    Visual Logic

    Visual Logic is a simple, visual programming tool for Windows to help learn the basics of development through an intuitive flowchart method.

    Free Windows

  • 4 Qul for Kids icon

    4 Qul for Kids

    4 Qul for Kids is an interactive mobile application for kids to help them in learning the last 4 Surahs of Quran word by word.

    Free iPhone iPad

  • Nintendo Switch Online icon

    Nintendo Switch Online

    Nintendo Switch Online lets you connect and communicate with others on Nintendo Switch™. Invite friends to play with you via social media, and use voice chat while gaming.

    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • WebMonkeys icon


    WebMonkeys lets you spawn thousands of parallel tasks on the GPU with the simplest JavaScript API.

    Open Source Self-Hosted

  • gpgpu.js icon


    gpgpu.js is a utility to make use of the GPU in the browser through WebGL to make it behave more like a general purpose computing technology.

    Open Source Self-Hosted

  • GPU.JS icon


    GPU.JS is a single-file, GPU accelerated JavaScript library. Perform parallel GPGPU computations using WebGL with graceful fallback to pure JavaScript where WebGL is unavailable.

    Open Source Self-Hosted