• Journal it icon

    Journal it

    Free and full featured cloud journal and diary app.

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  • Argentum Camera icon

    Argentum Camera

    Argentum Camera is an elegant camera app for monochrome photography featuring real-time filters based on classic work from photographers like Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

    Free iPhone


    ROLI NOISE is a modular music instrument and studio in one. Designed for extended use with ROLI BLOCKS hardware, the tool is made for beginners and professionals alike.

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  • ORY Editor icon

    ORY Editor

    ORY Editor is a React based editor for the web built that follows some important principles in modern web development. FEATURES - The state is a normalized JSON object, no HTML involved. - It is a visual editor that does not...

    Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Shattered Pixel Dungeon icon

    Shattered Pixel Dungeon

    Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a Roguelike RPG, with pixel art graphics and lots of variety and replayability. Every game is unique, with four different playable characters, randomized levels and enemies, and over 150 items to collect and use....

    Open Source Android

  • Lode Runner 1 icon

    Lode Runner 1

    Lode Runner 1 is a remake of the legendary puzzle-platformer Lode Runner from the 1980s. Enjoy a modern, mobile-optimized experience with tons of new content including a stage editor to make your own levels. FEATURES - Simple...

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  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports icon

    Yahoo Fantasy Sports

    Yahoo Fantasy Sports lets you play Fantasy Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey through an advanced but easy to use interface that lets you manage your picks and get helpful analyses with ease. FEATURES -Manage your roster -...

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  • timedrop icon


    Timedrop is an easy way to share time with your friends and family. Timedrop helps you discover time, and see how your friends, family and people in different places share time. Take a photo with your camera or upload from your camera...

    Free Android

  • Tree of Savior icon

    Tree of Savior

    Tree of Savior (TOS) is a free massively multiplayer online role playing game developed by IMC Games. The game was developed by Kim Hakkyu, creator of Ragnarok Online.

    Freemium Windows

  • Bootsnipp icon


    Free HTML snippets for Bootstrap HTML CSS JS.

    Free Self-Hosted

  • Rabbit Escape icon

    Rabbit Escape

    Control your rabbits by dropping tokens that give them special abilities. See whether you can help them survive until they reach the exit! Choose abilities like bridge-building, wall-climbing and digging, and drop tokens for your...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android

  • frepple icon


    Generate finite-capacity production plans and schedules constrained by resource capacities, personnel availability, material availability and lead times.

    Open Source Windows

  • The Egg icon

    The Egg

    ---------------------------------- The Egg ---------------------------------- The Egg is the story of the fairy of happiness who lived in the land of joy in her majestic castle which lies on top of the giant tree. The fairy had that...

    Free Android

  • Path Guide icon

    Path Guide

    Walking directions app to create and get helpful directions for indoor locations.

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  • Copia icon


    Copia remembers your Command-C with elegance.

    Freemium Mac

  • slim.js icon


    Lightning fast web authoring library targeted at creating web components with data binding, repeaters and more features. http://slimjs.com.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Open Flood icon

    Open Flood

    Open Flood is a simple, challenging and addictive puzzle game where you must fill the entire game board with a single color in less than the maximum number of steps allowed.

    Open Source Android

  • Bforartists icon


    Bforartists is a fork of Blender. It comes with the same features, but with an improved UI and usability.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Haiku ... AmigaOS MorphOS

  • Extratorrent2 icon


    A Fan Made Alternative of Extratorrent - Extratorrent2.

    Free Web

  • Sizzy icon


    A tool for developing responsive websites crazy-fast.

    Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Prepack icon


    Prepack is a partial evaluator for JavaScript. Prepack rewrites a JavaScript bundle, resulting in JavaScript code that executes more efficiently.

    Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Faker

    Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you. Whether you need to bootstrap your database, create good-looking XML documents, fill-in your persistence to stress test it, or anonymize data taken from a production service, Faker...

    Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Simpli icon


    Simply provides a unified interface for managing email across multiple accounts, calendars, lists, notes and more.

    Free iPhone

  • Laravel Voyager icon

    Laravel Voyager

    The Missing Laravel Admin.

    Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Google Lighthouse icon

    Google Lighthouse

    Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. You can run it against any web page, public or requiring authentication.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux