Popular apps for all platforms with Commercial License

  • WeGrowth icon


    Marketplace for growth marketers with a proven track record! Connects marketers and startups.

    Commercial Web / Cloud

  • Sorted icon


    Sorted is not a to-do list app. We help you setup your daily schedule fast. Like in little more than ten seconds fast. We combine powerful gestures and a slim interface to make quick work of scheduling your tasks.

    Commercial iPhone iPad Apple Watch

  • Tipsy Bat icon

    Tipsy Bat

    Endless flying game where you guide a woozy bat through a cave in VR.

    Commercial Android Daydream

  • Perlego icon


    The spotify for student textbooks

    Commercial Web / Cloud

  • eyelympix icon


    Scoreboard software for LED perimeters and LED walls in stadium, displays match data, advertisements and general information

    Commercial Web / Cloud

  • FixMyQIF icon


    FixMyQIF fixes your QIF file and makes it importable under Quicken or MS Money

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro icon

    FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro

    Using the advanced fax features included in our FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro software you can send documents directly from Windows applications to any fax machine or email address with just a few mouse clicks.

    Commercial Windows

  • ALTO Accounts Payable icon

    ALTO Accounts Payable

    Invoice approval workflow. Streamlines complex invoice handling processes from receipt to payment.

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud ... Windows Mobile Android iPhone Chrome OS Windows RT Windows Phone iPad

  • ALTO Produce icon

    ALTO Produce

    Identifies, integrates, tracks and manages the cross-functional workflows and data related to any production flow changes such as new wells, facilities, meters, schematics, and pipelines, etc.

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS

  • ALTO Drill icon

    ALTO Drill

    Integrate, track and manage the cross-functional workflow from identification of a prospect through to regulatory licensing.

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud ... Chrome OS

  • ALTO Exchange icon

    ALTO Exchange

    Electronic invoicing platform

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud ... Windows Mobile Android iPhone Chrome OS Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad

  • ALTO eProcure icon

    ALTO eProcure

    Request bids, manage contracts, process PO's

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud ... Windows Mobile Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad

  • Mac Backup Guru icon

    Mac Backup Guru

    Time machine alternative. Also creates incremental snapshots, but is different because the backups are bootable, gives you control so you can use the backup disk for other things too.

    Commercial Mac

  • The Forest icon

    The Forest

    As the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash, you find yourself in a mysterious forest battling to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants. Build, explore, survive in this terrifying first person survival horror simulator.

    Commercial Windows

  • Acknow icon


    Cloud platform that saves your knowledge capital and transforms it into a wealth-generating asset.

    Commercial Web / Cloud Self-Hosted

  • Expertrec Search Engine icon

    Expertrec Search Engine

    Adds super fast search autocomplete, spell correct and search listing pages to your site search. Expertrec's search results are delivered in less than a millisecond helping you deliver a premium search experience to your customers

    Commercial Web / Cloud Magento Community Edition

  • OnTask icon


    OnTask allows you to create customized workflows to take care of business processes, including digital document signatures, digital form completion, review and approvals and other workflow oriented business processes.

    Commercial Web / Cloud

  • Startquestion icon


    Say goodbye to boring surveys and forms. Our Platform will allow you to create something more than just a regular survey. It will enable you to collect more responses and the legible results will make it possible to draw conclusions...

    Commercial Web / Cloud

  • MP4 Converter icon

    MP4 Converter

    Convert VOB, MPEG, AVI, ASF, WMV to MP4 video.

    Commercial Windows

  • Ciphernote icon


    Ciphernote is a full-featured, cross-platform note-taking application that protects your data through zero-knowledge, client-side encryption in addition to automatic cloud-based cross-device synchronization.

    Commercial Windows

  • Virtual Training Company icon

    Virtual Training Company

    Self-paced software training for working professionals, students and hobbyists.

    Commercial Web / Cloud

  • Dictionary Universal icon

    Dictionary Universal

    An application for viewing StarDict dictionaries and dictionaries in Lingvo DSL format.

    Commercial iPhone iPad