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PC versions are discontinued...

Positive Comment by realnabarl about Cooliris Jan 2013

PC versions are discontinued but you can still use them! It's my favorite way to admire pictures.

Download here:

After installing, then open this:


More versions are welcome (older versions has no ads)! Please reply to this comment.

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Nice thanks for this you also have the browser versions uploaded.

I'll be sure to add this within the "Information" section.
I'll also make sure more mirrors are added.

[Edited by mostwanted, January 12]

The Mac OSX version is also discontinued as well? Do you know? It seems that way.


I don't know about an "OSX version", I just know Firefox is cross-platform so I think it can run on OSX.
Their offcial website says "Cooliris has gone mobile".


Hi realnabarl!

I'm trying to run Cooliris, but it's simply just not working, neither in Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

I can only browse images on my own folders, but I can't browse images in any web (Google, Flickr, Picasa, etc.)

Do you know what can be wrong? Thanks!


Oh sorry I didn't realized that, but browsing images on my hard drive is the only way I wanted.


Ok, thank you! ;)


Thanks in advance. What I want is same thing. Replace windows 8 horrible app.


It is so crappy they utterly shut off the door of previewing images! Since the plugin need a verification to view the images, now it is no way to do it!
It is still possible to viewing images by using Piclens (older version of Cooliris) with Firefox 2 (versions before Feb 2007), but it just has a poor performance.


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