• Futuramo Visual Tickets icon

    Futuramo Visual Tickets

    Futuramo Visual Tickets is a cloud-based web app for project communication: ticketing, bug tracking, request management, feedback gathering and ideation.

    Freemium Web / Cloud

  • Nanobox icon


    The ideal platform for developers. Focus on code, not config.

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud

  • ProtoPie icon


    Compose elaborate interactions and animations easily, and build sensor-aided prototypes without a line of code.

    Commercial Mac Android iPhone

  • Duality icon


    A 2D game development framework.

    Open Source Windows

  • Onsen UI icon

    Onsen UI

    Onsen UI provides UI framework and tools for creating fast and beautiful HTML5 hybrid mobile apps based on PhoneGap / Cordova. Works with or without any JavaScript framework including React, Meteor, Vue, AngularJS & 2.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android ... iPhone

  • AppFollow.io icon


    Review and updates monitor for App Store and Google Play. Integrations with Slack, HipChat, email, etc.

    Free Web / Cloud Slack Windows Store Zendesk ... Google Play Store HipChat Apple App Store

  • Guetzli

    JPEG encoder from Google Research that aims for great compression with high visual quality.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • ndm icon


    npm desktop manager - npm desktop GUI for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Taskade icon


    Make lists, organize your thoughts, and be inspired to get things done.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud ... Chrome OS

  • Tixit icon


    A customizable and extensible planning tool that lets you work on your own terms

    Freemium Web / Cloud Self-Hosted

  • AtomDeploy icon


    Cloud based service with a ton of applications to install in minutes in your vm. Fast Deployment of Linux & Cloud Applications - Deploy any custom github or bitnami application with AtomDeploy.

    Commercial Linux

  • stylize.io icon


    Create color palettes and explore fonts for your websites. Instantly preview your designs.

    Freemium Web / Cloud

  • Bouquet icon


    Bouquet provides a free & open source framework for developers to build customer-facing analytics apps

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted

  • Hasura icon


    Heroku like 'git push' and Parse/Firebase like BaaS APIs on your own infrastructure

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux

  • RunCloud icon


    RunCloud is a SaaS server manager for PHP servers. It manages your servers by provisioning your server with the best tweaks and settings available.

    Commercial Linux Web / Cloud

  • Animista icon


    Create great looking CSS animations right in your browser.

    Free Web / Cloud

  • edabit icon


    Learn to code with interactive challenges.

    Free Web / Cloud

  • Airstory icon


    Collaborative, drag-and-drop document builder.

    Freemium Web / Cloud

  • SnapCode icon


    SnapCode is a free Java IDE for education. SnapCode makes it easy to quickly build apps for the desktop and browser that are graphically rich and feature complete.

    Free Mac Windows

  • Gluon Scene Builder icon

    Gluon Scene Builder

    Scene Builder works with the JavaFX ecosystem – official controls, community projects, and Gluon offerings including Gluon Mobile, Gluon Desktop, and Gluon CloudLink.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Nakama icon


    Nakama is an open-source distributed social and realtime server for games and apps. It has a large set of services for users, storage, and realtime communication; as well as specialized APIs like realtime multiplayer, groups/guilds, and...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud ... Self-Hosted Unity

  • Censor Dodge icon

    Censor Dodge

    The fastest and most up-to-date web proxy on the market. The completely open-source web proxy script was refined over many years, with the core focus on making it lightweight and fully customisable.

    Open Source Windows Linux Web / Cloud Self-Hosted

  • Vidyo.io icon


    Vidyo.io makes it easy to embed reliable, high quality video chat into your web, mobile, or desktop app.

    Commercial Mac Windows Web / Cloud Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad WebRTC

  • WebSlides icon


    Easily create great-looking HTML presentations.

    Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Web Maker icon

    Web Maker

    Fast offline web playground for Chrome.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome