About AlternativeTo.net

We have one mission: helping you find the right software for your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Our main focus is to give you alternatives to software you already know and want to replace.

Based on our users recommendations we list great alternatives to the applications you want to replace. By joining the site you can participate in the process of making these recommendations better, so please join in!

About the authors

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    Hello! I take care of the development and other tech stuff on AlternativeTo. I also play a lot of games.

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    Hello I'm a Mac, with a serious App Store addiction. Taking care of the design, social media and business stuff.

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The best ways to follow AlternativeTo and talk to us is to subscribe to our blog at blog.alternativeto.net and to follow @AlternativeTo on Twitter.

Terms & Privacy policy

AlternativeTo knows that you care about how your personal information is used and we take your privacy very seriously. More about that in our Terms and Privacy Policy.

Contact, Bug Reports and Feature Request

If you want to talk about advertising or for some other want to get in touch with us privately then send an e-mail at [email protected]. For bug reports and other questions about the site please report them in our Forums.

Stuff we use to build AlternativeTo

To build, host and maintain a website like AlternativeTo you need help. Our biggest contributors are of course our users but we also get loads of help from diffrent tools and services that are either open source or commercial. We wanted to mention some of them here to say thanks and to give them som link love.

AlternartiveTo is built using ASP.NET, both Webforms and MVC. The .net open source community is luckily very healty nowdays and have contributed to AlternativeTo in many ways.

Since we are a webpage we of course also use HTML, CSS and Javascript and we don't go about this area by ourselves either.

  • We use jQuery to fix and improve Javascript and to handle most of the Ajax requests.
  • jQuery Validation Engine for client side validation of most of our forms.
  • MarkItUp to provide a nice form for our forums.
  • Slimbox2 as a lightbox style picture viewer.

Besides code we also use tools to handle all the administration and management you need to do to host a site like AlternativeTo. We won't mention everything here since we think OS X, Windows, Visual Studio, Gmail, AdSense and products like those don't really need any link love from us. But some stuff do!

  • To keep track of how many visitors we have and to some extend what they are up to we use Clicky.
  • To handle our projects and todos we use a brilliant task management system called Flow.
  • Uservoice is used to collect ideas for new features and to get some sense how demanded they are.