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Apps We Like - Slack

Slack is the latest product we started using as a team and it has really changed the way we work together. Slack is a powerful, fast and beautiful platform for team communication. They claim to be on a mission to kill email between team members and they sure have succeeded with the AlternativeTo team. You can create channels for any project, team or topic that you need to keep a separate discussion for. We got some vibes from the years we spent on IRC, and we mean that in a very good way.

Besides discussions, private messages, inline images and videos, Slack also integrates with a large number of external services like Dropbox, Google Docs, Github, Pingdom, IFTTT and more. They also have an awesome API that lets you integrate Slack with your own systems. You may not know that you need this tool yet, but trust us, you do!

Visit Slack Website or Slack on AlternativeTo.

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    Vojer Messenger

    Commercial by Vojer Team | 1 Alternatives |

    Turn your iPhone into smart and secure Walkie Talkie. Send HD voice, take and share photos, tap some text delivered directly to your peers. Without Internet. Fast, safe, anonymous. How Vojer can help you?...

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    Duet Display

    Commercial | 6 Alternatives |
    Mac, iPhone, iPad

    Duet makes your iPad and your Mac more powerful together. Slide Mac apps to your iPad as a second display. No lag, Duet helps you multi-task and work faster with more screen space. It doesn't require...

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    Mail.Ru Cloud

    Freemium | 12 Alternatives |
    Mac, iPhone, Windows, Android, Linux, Web / Cloud

    Russian cloud provider with 100 GB of free space. Requires @mail.ru email address to work. Although the web interface is currently in Russian, the applications are in English.

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    Free by Quantum Leap Mobility Pvt Ltd | 1 Alternatives |
    iPhone, iPad, Android + Tablet

    Quizinga is a fun trivia-based game built by a passionate team. It is extremely social and has a fun design and risk round that make the player come back for more. Highlights: Highly social: You can play...

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    Poodle Jump

    Free by Peaksel DOO | 10 Alternatives |
    iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android + Tablet

    If you are a fan of jumping games and doodle graphics, then Poodle Jump is the right game for you. Jumping with this cool doodle poodle will make you happy. Plus, you’ll get to practice hand-eye coordination. ...

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    Free by instaradio | 2 Alternatives |
    iPhone, Android, Web / Cloud

    RAUR is the best way to listen and share your life through sound. Start a radio station in 30 seconds. Tell stories, have conversations, or sing for friends and family with the mic in your phone. ?...

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    IT-Effects Car Diagnostic

    Commercial by IT-Effects | 7 Alternatives |
    iPhone, iPad

    This app turns your iPhone,iPad or iPod into an advanced car diagnostic tool. Want to know why the check engine light keeps going on? Check it with Car Diagnostic. Want to monitor speed, fuel consumption, RPM...

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